Friday, 4 December 2009

Calling all Europeans

From the ProLife Alliance:

Across the European Union pro-lifers in member countries are collecting signatures for this petition in defence of the right to life of the human embryo, to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. It is vital that the United Kingdom supports this initiative.

The European Union is the only vehicle for receiving such a petition from European citizens and this is primarily addressed to the President of the EU, but it is intended to send copies to the Council and Commission as well.

We ask you to participate either by signing online (see form below) or by downloading and printing the petition here to collect the signatures of your friends.

Please only sign the petition if you are a UK resident and if you haven’t already signed this petition. Please send completed signature pages to:

ProLife Alliance
PO Box 13395
London SW3 6XE

The ProLife Alliance will ensure that all online and paper signatures are forwarded to the President of the European Union. We must act immediately as it is intended to present all signatures after the forthcoming European Elections.

The petition itself can be found here.