Friday, 1 January 2010


A few scattered thoughts for the first day of the decade.

2010 and the 2010s

(In speech,) I will be referring to this year as ‘twenty ten’, not ‘two thousand ten’ or ‘two thousand and ten’, and this decade as the ‘tens’ or ‘twenty tens’, not the ‘teens’ or ‘teenies’ or whatever.  The decade with the silly name is over, and in these times of austerity is behoves us to keep things simple.  It will also help non-native English speakers no end if the system for talking about years gets back to what it was until 1999.

The falling post count: a resolution

2007: 63 posts
2008: 49
2009: 23
2010: ?

This is a cause for concern, no doubt.  I hope that the reduction in post frequency is due to my holding higher standards with regards to what I allow to appear here, although that would probably be wishful thinking.  With this in mind, I am making a new year’s resolution to blog more this year than last.  Given that I gave up blogging and blogs for Lent last year, this marks something of a turnaround.  Also: anyone who was waiting for the long-promised follow-up to my post on Jackendoff and conceptualist semantics shouldn’t lose hope just yet (although that may not appear for another few months).


  • Argentina will win the Football World Cup (controversial…).
  • The result of the UK general election will be a hung parliament with the Conservatives the biggest party (not so controversial).
  • Absolutely nothing will be done about banking regulation, remuneration or anything else that will prevent global recessions in the future.
  • Tiger Woods will not appear in public at all if he can help it, never mind play in a major golf tournament.
  • Cadbury’s will be bought out by Kraft after all.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize will not be won by an American liberal, for once.

Final greetings

May God pour out all his blessings on you this year, this decade, and always.  Happy New Year!


Pedro Garcia Millan said...



Abecedarius Rex said...

I've seen the same falloff in posts at my blog. Just the shear energy to post anything, putting ideas together, fighting the ennui and sense of pointlessness, all weigh against my putting up anything. I feel like the SETI project sometimes. "hello? anyone out there? hello?"

mattghg said...

Yes, I'm like that as well, and check my site meter with corresponding regularity. But now I'm trying to use that as an impetus to increase the frequency and quality of my blogging.

Oh, and, rest assured, I'm out there!

charles said...

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