Monday, 27 September 2010

Another declaration to sign

The Not Ashamed Campaign:


WE BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is good news for our nation. He is the only true hope and solid foundation for our society.

WE CALL on government, employers and other leaders in our country to protect the freedom of Christians to participate in public life without compromising biblical teaching and to promote in our society the values that are revealed through Jesus Christ and that have so shaped our nation, for the good of all.

I agree with the declaration and may well sign it.  But I find the examples they’ve chosen for their campaign video a little bit odd.  I thought the Westminster 2010 Declaration was better, but I suppose that’s all over now.  Thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Which and whose Christian values?

Applied Christian politics 101
Such applied politics became inevitable when the early church was coopted by the Roman state, and thus became an integral (key) play in the Western drive for total power and control over every one and every thing.

Onwards Christian soldiers forever marching into war.

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

Jesus wept.